Our products are widely being used in large food courts, offices, restaurants, resorts, hospitals, cafes as well as in government facilities and industrial sites. Our customers have a choice of restaurant paging systems, healthcare paging systems, church nursery paging systems pharmacy paging systems, auto dealer paging systems, call office boy paging systems, hotel and resort paging systems, beach calling systems and wireless bell systems.

Welcome to FTH Electronics L.L.C

FTH Electronics L.L.C is U.A.E's leading provider of the wireless paging systems and services across the region since 2005 specializing mainly in on-site paging systems & Wireless Communication devices. Our products are widely being used in large Food Courts, Offices, Restaurants, Resorts, Hospitals, Cafes as well as in Government facilities and Industrial sites. Our affordable systems are guaranteed not only to meet but to exceed customer's business expectations. We offer a variety of hospitality paging systems which makes it possible to increase a venue's service speed and boost turnover with better on-demand service. The range includes mini paging system coaster and paddle style pagers for fast-food, server call for kitchen staff, with our knowledge and technical expertise, we are able to custom make system to suit our clients specific need, and utilize the latest innovations as they become available. We always strive to provide our customers with the best possible products, support and services which has been the foundation of our success for many years. You certainly can count on us. At FTH we are more than restaurant pagers. Our amazing apps for Restaurants, Healthcare, Retail and a host of other industries, are powerful, affordable and intuitive. Our high tech tools combine text messaging and paging so you and your customers have a choice of Restaurant Paging Systems, Healthcare Paging Systems, Church Nursery Paging Systems Pharmacy Paging Systems, Auto Dealer Paging Systems, Hotel and Resort Paging Systems, Beach Calling Systems , Maid Paging System and Office Paging Systems.

Quality Value and Performance

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We are confident that our pagers and paging systems will exceed your expectations.. FTH wireless paging systems, text messaging solutions Restaurant apps are designed and manufactured to our specifications. FTH provides the most reliable selection of restaurant pagers, customer and staff pagers to meet your unique application requirements. Pager styles range from rechargeable to alkaline models so that you can choose the pager that will best suit your application. FTH wireless paging systems are designed to work with all FTH restaurant pagers, healthcare patient pagers, and retail pagers. We make it easy to add more pagers.
The quality of service offered with the highest level of professionalism and attention to the smallest level of detail - that has always been our guiding belief, and that is what has helped us grow to one of the most efficient Wireless Paging service provider in UAE.